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About Warrender…

How it began…

I started Warrender Technical Solutions after I noticed that many businesses struggled to streamline their processes, build consistent automations and develop a positive company culture – all of which was affecting their ability to grow to the levels they wanted and resulted in increased stress and frustration.

So, after working in the industry for more than 16 years, I decided it was time to help these people get where they want to be.  I took the plunge and formed my company in 2020 (yes the Covid year).

And, I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I love helping established businesses push forward with their ambitions and helping them achieve astounding transformations.



My background is focused around engineering environments and developing systems and processes in corporate business.

Following a First-Class Honours degree in Management of Engineering Technologies, with a focus on Communication Theory, I spent a lot of years developing skills and ways to help large companies build excellent processes, automations and internal workings so they can push forward and grow.

Over the years I started to see the same kind of issues and problems in businesses, and while the problems were often similar, each company always needed a bespoke solution. So, I developed a whole arsenal of skills, which allows me to go into a company and see quickly where the problems and blockages are, and offer effective solutions for improvement.


The Approach

Seamlessly working alongside you to give you the bespoke solutions your company needs and desires most of all.

The Mission

To help as many businesses as possible to thrive with excellent processes, automations and cultural improvements.

The Vision

To bring order where once there was chaos and help create fantastic companies to work with, for and alongside.

Ian Warrender

Ian Warrender

Founder and Director


Hi, I’m Ian. I’m northern born and bred, and based just outside Newcastle in Wallsend.

When I’m not working I love nothing more than watching my son play football and spending time with my wife and children, going for food and enjoying a good movie. I love to cherish these rare but precious moments.

I often get lost in writing, which is something I love, and enjoy both fiction and non-fiction writing. In the past I channelled this into a sci-fi blog.

While we’re on the subject of sci-fi, what I love most about this particular genre is that from a storytelling perspective the only limit is your own imagination. It’s the endless possibilities that are the most fascinating and exciting aspect of it.

My favourite author in the genre is Larry Niven, who has a fantastic knack of combining plausible technology with a complex and fully realised universe.

However, when it comes to on-screen sci-fi it’s the story behind the story that fascinates me – how it can push the boundaries of technology and how the evolution of sci-fi is entwined with the progress of technology in the real world.

Each decade has brought another remarkable contribution to the genre, but my favourite film is Frau im Mond (Woman on the Moon) from 1929.

I also have a great passion for walking and exploring new places. I usually find it sparks creativity and new ideas, particularly if I’m surrounded by nature and tranquility, which always helps me give clients better, more creative, solutions.

In a way my love of things that have no limits except imagination is part of the reason I do the work I do and is definitely something that keeps me striving to come up with better solutions for every client I work with.

“I’m on a mission to give as many businesses as possible their best systems and processes so they can grow, develop and work at optimum efficiency.”

If you’d like to find out more about working with me and getting to know what I do and how I can help your business, get in touch to book your consultation below.