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Our Consulting Services

We are aimed at aiding SME’s through change, developing bespoke solutions. In addition we provide Personal Consultation focused on you and your needs.

Business Consultation

We are aimed at aiding SME’s through change, focused on value stream mapping and developing bespoke solutions, including the creation of processes and systems. In addition we will provide focused software training.

Personal Consultation

Individual training focused on Microsoft (other software is available), bespoke to you, your needs and where you would like to be. First hour of all Personal Consultation is free.

Problem Solving

    I have 60 seconds, can I think of a solution, explain and provide something workable, or do I leave the client hanging for 2 days? This is still not my Technical Frustration blog, no this week I’m going to discuss Problem Solving. It is an excellent buzzword, that...

New Business – In the beginning

    So, this still isn’t my blog on Software frustrations, that is coming but I felt compelled to write this instead. I’m also writing this while at my youngest son’s Football training, my hope is to get the draft completed in the 90 minutes I have here and finalise...

Microsoft Viva – What is it?

     “What is Viva, Viva is a new product that is meant to help people and teams be their very best.” Chris McNulty - Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft“Create visibility into what am I doing, in the sense of how I am spending my time, it also helps bridge...

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