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Previously I discussed the neuro-motivation chip from Earth 2, ( a device implanted into the brain that could take temporary control of the host’s body. In that same week 26 years ago Babylon 5 showed us how far this type of technology could go in ‘A Spider in the Web’. In this version of the technology they ‘hardwire the subject’s brain with a computer intelligence’ and this combined with using a ‘telepathic deep-scan, the subject was fixated on the moment of his death shutting down all conscious thought’, allows the computer part to take full control of the hosts body, allowing them to be controlled indefinitely. This combined with other cyber upgrades, such as a robotic hand that can deal out a large electric charge and an effective killing machine disguised as a human is created.
This project was run by Bureau 13 a secret organisation within Psi Corps and the ‘Cyber-Zombie’ used to be Abel Horn, a Free Mars terrorist who died in 2258 and then was resurrected for the use of Bureau 13. As part of the modifications his body contained explosives preventing anyone gathering evidence.
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