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61 years ago Earth came under attack from the Natarl’s, first they took the moon and next on their list was Earth in ‘Battle from Outer Space’. This Japanese film from Ishirô Honda originally set to be a sequel to The Mysterians is one of the best example of Saucer invasion films, the aliens ships were dangerous and detailed, the technology unique and the humans always on the verge of defeat.
On the human side we have the J-SS3 space station in orbit of Earth, a rotating wheel space station, four spoke design, with each spoke going beyond the wheel becoming stabilising and positioning elements. Under the station was the main communication aerial and above a weapons turret for defending the station.
The human’s main fighter space ships were the SPIPs and FFE, rockets capable of in atmosphere flight where they control like planes, as well as space flight. The ships have a front forward laser cannons and can vertically land on the moon and presumably other low atmosphere bodies. Although the SPIPs appear no larger than traditional space rockets, they are clearly must be as the can carry All Terrain Vehicles. These vehicles have their own roof top cannons and jump using high pressurised gas under the vehicles.
On the Natarl side were their ships, highly manoeuvrable, stingray in shape, with what appears to be a translucent dome, near the head of the ship and two short tipped wings in either side of the main body towards the rear. The ships main offences system were a powerful laser mounted on the nose of the ship. The ships are the main force and are carried to the targeted system by the Mother Ship, a large saucer shaped capable of housing tens of the UFO’s from 4 hanger bays. When landed the saucer acts like a home base and the central dome can rise providing more scope for the laser to protect it. In the air the ship can turn on an anti-gravity beam from beneath the ship that causes anything in its path to raise up, including destabilising buildings, causing them to collapse in an upwards direction. This beam can cause devastation to a city just by quickly passing over it.
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