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41 years ago Buck Rogers’ introduced us to the Learian Queen in ‘Cruise Ship to the Stars’. As the episode title suggest the Learian Queen was a Cruise Ship, a long sleek design;
“This is your captain speaking, now that all our passengers are aboard, we’re accelerating to light speed for a slow, leisurely cruise to Stargate 1. After leaving the Stargate, we’ll enter the Vega system, where we’ll make our first stop on Sutter’s World …. a planet renowned for its fair climate, colourful indigents and remarkable hospitality.”
It was a cruise ship that had everything from swimming pools, elegant dining halls, casinos, dance halls almost everything a modern cruise ship would have with the exception of shuffleboard. The front dome contained the command and staff areas, the central zone is where the main activities and halls were located and the connecting elements to either side were the cabins, with the higher class apartments on the outer layers where the windows were. The engines along with the engineering section were located at the rear of the ship.
Off screen the ship was built in 3 sections by Sean Casey, Vance Frederick and the middle section was detailed by Kenneth Larson with the overall machining done by Richard Bennett. The front dome used the same cast as the Sinaloa from ‘Vegas in Space’.
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