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Merry Christmas from all of us.
“Wilfred Mott: Yeah, how about you? Who have you got now?
Doctor: No one. Travelling alone. I thought it was better. But I did some things. It went wrong. I need…
Wilf: Oh, my word. I’m sorry.
Doctor: Merry Christmas.
Wilf: Yeah, and you.”
It’s been eleven years since the tenth doctor started his final adventure as we all waited for the final four knocks, with him was Wilfred Mott and on the opposite side of the board was the Master, but no one knew at the time who set up the board and why. The episode, ‘The End of Time – Part One’.
One of the main pieces in play was the Vinvocci medical Gate, a medical device recovered by Torchwood from a Vinvocci ‘spaceship buried at the foot of Mount Snowdon’, the gate is self-contained powered by a nuclear bolt. Joshua Naismith and his daughter Abigail incorrectly called it an immortality gate, although the gate can repair damage used as intended it does not stop aging, its intended use is for a template of healthy organs to transmit that pattern world-wide, correct any defects from the template. However mixing that technology with a Time Lord radiating life-force and a strong will over their own survival and the outcome can be, ‘repetitive’.
5 years later and it was Doctor Who does Inception the episode.”

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