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40 years ago, Flash Gordon returned to the big screen with ‘Flash Gordon’. A very colourful interpretation of the comics with some influences coming across from the 1930s serials. Everyone, that knows me, knows that I prefer the original serials and have a soft spot for the 1950s TV show. It doesn’t help that in 1979 we got both ‘The New Adventures of Flash Gordon’ which had a more interesting world and ‘Buck Rogers in the 25thCentury’ which had the fun adventure vibe and more interesting characters (in my opinion). Not to mention that this was 1980 the year that ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ was released, which had a princess, an evil Emperor and his masked henchman, had this film came out 10 years earlier I might have been less forgiving for the approach that was taken.
However, the recently released 4K version does make this film look gorgeous and over the coming week alongside the continuing Dune and ‘Force Awakens’ post I will briefly touch on the ships and tech.
What are people’s memories of this film, favourite part? My favourite thing was the music provided by Queen, although I could have done with a few less ah, ahhhhh’s, it is strange that I know lines from this film more from the song than the film itself.
Here’s queen to mark the anniversary, this video is the original so no new 4K shots.

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