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Frank Herbert’s Dune, aired over 3 nights starting on the 3rd of December 20 years ago, the film opens on a Heighliner, a large tubular spaceship, however unlike the 1984 complete block version this one is made of several independent pieces that rotate at pace with others in its layer. This provides a more plausible modular construct, but also more options to replace elements that are damaged or old, there is also the possibility that the size is not fixed with options to add or remove elements.
Overall the opening is filled with ships some small with little detail appearing almost bird like, others clearly larger cargo ships, some carrying green spheres and others carrying brown packages. A flatter ship with blue and white panelling can be seen briefly. The ship with the highest level of detail was the spacing guild shuttle, an elegant curved design, with the head placed away from the main body capable of housing a Guild Navigator Tank.
A Guild Navigator is needed to pilot a Heighliner, using prescience to understand which route got them to their destination safely in the future, with the aid of their over exposure and consumption of Spice, then utilising the Holtzman effect to ‘fold space’, they are able to take the ship instantly and safely to the required destination.

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