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Star Wars: The Force Awakens turns 5 this month, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to return to the first part of the sequel trilogy and give it an in depth ship and technology review. We start at the only possible place, the beginning, as the scroll fades into the distance we pan down to the twin moons of Jakku, and then a nose of a ship comes between us and them.
The nose is clearly a star destroyer but the cross bar formation shows this is not one we have seen before, because this is the new generation, the First Order’s version of a Star Destroyer. We will come to know it as the ‘Finalizer’ a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, at almost 3000m in length this was the replacement for the Imperial-II Class of 1600m length (, although no size match for the previous generation Executor Class of 19,000m (
The wedge shape and the stepped approach leading to a rear bridge, along with three main glowing engines at the back, make this instantly recognisable as a Star Destroyer. However certain key features have been added or changed, the nose is no longer the result of the wedge, but now a specific spine element protruding ahead, producing a sharp point. Also the main body is actually two wedges, a lower wedge and a slightly smaller upper wedge that ends in the flight deck deflector. The bridge although still one of the highest sections of the ship is no longer as exposed, as the steps up to the command area are much more heavily constructed. As with the Imperial Destroyers the hanger bay is situated beneath the ship.
As to be expected the ship had almost twice the engine power then the Imperial, powered by a hypermatter annihilator reactor, a smaller but more efficient version of the reactor that powered the second Death Star. However the largest upgrade comes in the form of weapons, whereas the Imperial-II had 120 cannons split between Ion and Turbolaser batteries, the Resurgent has over 1500, with the attempt to cover a lot of the blind spots inherent in the Imperial design.
We can’t leave the opening portion without mentioning the Atmospheric Assault Lander 1971/9.1 Troop Transport. With a basic but functional design, the only unique element of which is the pilot controls in a small box above the main hull, the transports are about 18m in length and carry 20 Stormtroopers from an orbiting Destroyer to ground assignments. However we have to mention that at least one had poor lighting, my own (in universe) take on this flickering illumination problem, is that the ships must power up remotely while on the Destroyer and need to switch to internal power when departing. The transport pilot we follow forgot to switch power to internal, and so momentarily the transport was without power, hence dark and then the lights flickered on as power was switched over.
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