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The T-70 X-Wing, first seen stationary on the surface of Jakku, firing at Storm Troopers and being shot up itself. It is an evolution of the T-65B used by the Rebel Alliance against the Imperial Empire. Although the craft has retained the overall ‘X-Wing’ shape, the T-70 is slightly smaller in both length (12.5m against 13.5m) and width (11.3m against 11.8m), aiding with improved manoeuvrability in atmosphere.
The technology within is slightly upgraded, but basically the same with guidance and repairs handled by an Astromech. However the hull is significantly more armoured, meaning the T-70 can survive for longer with shields down, offering vital time for an emergency landing, or the possibility of repairs. The Orange paint scheme is not decorative but ferrosphere paint that scatter any sensors trying to identify their position.
However where the T-70 excels is in weaponry, in addition to improved laser cannons and proton torpedoes, the T-70 has concussion missiles, map-pulse warheads and depending on mission type, the option to be equipped with Ion Bombs and Blaster cannons. Beyond the colour the biggest difference in the design is the larger split engine intakes that are designed to join together to form a single wing.
Although on screen this is an evolution, off screen the design goes back to Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art.
Information – Rebel Starfighters Owners’ Workshop Manual and Wookieepedia
Images – Wookieepedia and CinemaBlend

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