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On my last post on the 6 episode show Starhyke I’m going to focus on the artificial intelligence shown aboard the Dreadnaught which comes in 3 different types, the cyborg Dotty-Ky, the ships computer and the independent hologram.
Dotty is the easiest to explain, while being the hardest to understand. Dotty is a combined being with distinctive human and android elements, they are distinctive as in Dotty refers to herself as ‘we’, inferring the two elements of her personality. How this conjunction works or why she is in this state remains unexplained. What is known is the Android part can altered externally from the likes of the hologram and may be able to control Dotty directly without her human side knowing about it.
The ships computer is a marvel of artificial intelligence, controlling all functions of the ship, ‘feeling’ and ‘seeing’ the external elements. It appears that the ships ‘brain’ is in part biological as such the nano-virus infected it with emotions.
The odd one out in the holographic program, which is fully independent and although not expressly stated it would appear that there isn’t a computer the hold the intelligence, somehow the intelligence is within the holographic projection, which appears as a man. Because it is fully independent the holographic being can has its own agenda and although its function is to advise the Captain, like a walking command computer that provides tactical advice, it appears to respond to a higher tactical game.

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