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The anniversary of a whole series as opposed to single episodes, allows us to look at the universe as a whole, so let’s look at what Starhyke gave us beyond the Dreadnaught Nemesis. On the human side we spent very little time in 3034, we saw nothing of the fleet beyond the Dreadnaught but we did see the Admiralty Space Station, a curious horseshoe shaped complex, almost like a curved skyscraper in space, between 20 and 30 floors, so not massive and all windows on the inner curve. On the outside of the horseshoe were two wider structures, the largest near the top of the horseshoe appears to be a docking bay, which is open to space, but presumably allows internal mooring for ships and potentially protection during an attack. The lower structure is solid and appears to be some type of power generator for the whole complex. Interestingly we see through the time travel segment that the station was not built in complete stages, but from the bottom up in a manner more attributed to land based structures.
The main opponents to the humans are the Reptids, where we see three different classes of ships, the largest of which is their mother ships with a minimum crew of 2365 and a maximum of 7000. These are curved ships with no distinctive front or rear. The lower section has an open space which smaller fighters can easily fly in and out, we only see this docking bay briefly and so its full function is unknown. On the top side the ship has a high spine running across the middle of one axis and at 90º either side to this are similar ovoidal shaped spines, pointing outwards from the ship. The ships have minimal shielding and low powered weapons when compared to the Dreadnaught Nemesis. In fact at the battle of Samja 5, the last Reptid outpost, the Nemesis appeared to be the only Earth ship in the battle and was decimating the 50 plus mother ships without significant difficulties. Also seen at that battle were the smaller civilian transports, slightly larger than the Nemesis, but a 10th of the size of the motherships, these were a single ovoid with a small spine for the command deck.
These were built for speed and manoeuvrability with powerful engines at the rear. In the battle of Samja 5, they used the motherships as cover in an attempt to escape the slaughter, unfortunately as soon as they left the safety of the pack and attempted to make the necessary ‘run for it’ the Nemesis would take them out. The final Reptid ship class was the small fighters, overall about a third of the size of the Nemesis choosing to use surprise and numbers to take down the human ships. The ships contained a small body with wings on either side that contained the ships beam weapons, the wings were flat on the forward facing side, before sweeping back to the body, therefore often giving the impression they were flying backwards.
Once in the past very few races gave the ship concern, only having inexperienced crew in charge of the bridge during a surprise attack gave the ship any trouble. That attack came from the ‘Lone Star Bounty Hunter Society’ and their ship which was made up of square rotating sections, with a stable spine and weapons on all four sides of the structure. The ship was significantly less manoeuvrable than the Nemesis.
The crews finds the 21st century Earth very active with Alien visitors, few are named with the exception of the afore mentioned Bounty Hunters and Jill guardian of the mighty Oracle, whose ship was a three thruster rocket. One of the unnamed races sent what looked like an invasion forces to Earth, containing thousands of ships, flying in sets of 15 in triangle formations. However these flying saucers were around 5mm in diameter and the armada was stopped as the ploughed into a satellite in orbit of earth. We also saw some pepper pot shaped Aliens in orbit, no clear idea on size or if this was a ship or an alien itself.

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